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Temecula Eq-Wine Riders, Inc.

          Me & My Gang, We Live to Ride, We Ride to Live!

Rascal Flatts

Established in 2007, TEWR is a non-profit 501c7 trail riding club with a mission to preserve SAFE riding and hiking trails, while making life-long friends.  We are a community of  experienced horse owners, social and business sponsor members.  We share the belief that the preservation of Rural Lifestyles is a vital element of Temecula's heritage.  We organize and support trail ride events, training clinics, trail fund-raisers, camp-outs, parade entries, the Temecula Cowgirl Color Guard Team and more.  

On New Year's Day 2022 we accomplished a huge community goal by sending Temecula Valley Horsemen's Association (TVHA) Tournament of Roses parade entry to Pasadena!  Be sure to check out TVHA, another equestrian organization committed to Keeping the West Wild here in the HEART of Temecula Wine Country. 


We believe teamwork makes the dreamwork, working closely with Temecula Valley Horsemen's Association, Rancho California Horsemen Association, Temecula Valley Rural Lifestyles and Riverside County to achieve our goals.  TEWR has been a club member of the California State Horsemen's Association (CSHA) since  2011, we are  aligned with their organization's overall mission to support California's Equestrian Industry.  We pay CSHA dues for all of our trail rider members, as our collective contribution to their mission to preserve California's trails networks.                 

To join us as a trail rider:
1. Complete the online waiver, listing your sponsor's name.
2. Review and Comply with our Trail Etiquette Rules
3. Plan to ride with your sponsor on the first ride, then join TEWR by making your annual dues payment.
Thank you so much for your interest in TEWR rides and events. 

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