Temecula Eq-Wine Riders


Trail Rider Membership $75

Social Membership $40

 Business Sponsorship

$200-includes two individual social or trail rider memberships or $150-no individual memberships

New Riders, Members & Renewing Members must complete our annual online waiver and renew it every 12 months.  

Sponsored new riders may pay dues after participation in one trail ride event and approved by the BOD to join. 

Scan our Venmo Code below to make your annual dues payment, or send a check made out to Temecula Eq-Wine Riders to PO BOX 893832 Temecula CA 92589  

Payments for club fees are expected to be made thru Venmo.  Use the Venmo "comment box" to list what your payment is for; annual dues, lunch date, trail donation, ride fee, etc.  Annual dues and payments are non-refundable.

To join us as a trail rider:

1. Complete the online waiver, listing your sponsor's name.

2. Review and Comply with our Trail Etiquette Rules

3. Plan to ride with your sponsor on the first ride, then join TEWR by making your annual dues payment if accepted. 


Temecula Eq-Wine Riders, Inc.  Board of Directors

President & Founder- Juanita Koth 

Vice President-Terri Conners

Secretary-Karalee Ball 

Chairpersons-Joann Davis, Judy Foster, Judy Taylor, Ted Pyle, Lisa McConnell, Jay Weseloth, Kerrie Tuley & Anne York

TEWR is a proud club member of the California State Horsemens  Association, an organization whose mission to protect trails and equestrian interests in California we share.  The club pays each  member's dues to CSHA.  


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